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Date: 2nd July 2016
Economic Steel Lockout Hasp With Hook
Part No.: ESH01-H/ESH02-H?Economic steel lockout hasp with hook Safety lockout haspsallow multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source. The lockout hasp is placed through the isolating point and closed. Every person carrying out maintenance or service work attaches and locks in place their own unique individually keyed padlock through the lockout hasp. This ensures each worker's safety as the energy cannot be restored until the work is finished and all padlocks have been removed.Standard Lockout Haspare made from hardened powder coated steel,Website:http://www.lockeyloto.com, durable and resist rust.Thelockout hasp have double locking arrangement. Hooks on jaws prevent them pulled apart.Lock holes: 2/5"(10.5mm) diameter.Jawsize: 1" (25mm) & 1.5" (38mm)Can be supplied in different colorsSPECIFICATION: Part No. Description ESH01-HLockout Hasp with Tab Jaw Size 1"(25mm)ESH02-HLockout Hasp with Tab Jaw Size 1.5"(38mm)
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