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Date: 2nd July 2016
Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout
Part No. : ABVL01 /ABVL02?Adjustable ball valve lockout Polypropylene valve lockout Valve lockout devices shutoff many kinds of pressured valves including: ball valve,Website:http://www.lockeyloto.com, butterfly valve, cylinder valve, gate valve, plug valve and pneumatic. Adjustable and universal devices are available for additional flexibility. The small lockout devices will lock pipes with diameters measuring from ?" to 3". Our large ball valve lockout devices can lock out pipes that range from 2" to 8" in diameter. Device material also varies depending on application.The adjustable ball valve lockout is made from polypropylene, highly resistant to cracking and abrasion, resistant to extreme weather temperature conditions.The two halves of the lockout encompass the ball valve handle to secure it from inadvertent activation of the valve.The polypropylene valve lockout is equippedtogether with padlocks. Padlock locked shackle max diameter is 9mm.All colors are available, normally red in stock.Part No. Description ABVL01Suitable for pipes 1/2" to 2.5" in diameter,OPEN on pipes from 1/2" to 1.25"ABVL02Suitable for pipes 2" to 8" in diameter
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