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Date: 2nd July 2016
76mm Safety Padlock
Part No.: P76S?76mm Long Steel Shackle Safety Padlock Keyed Padlocks Keyed padlocks will keep important source points locked and improve safety. These padlocks are available in a range of materials including: Safety nonconductive nylonshackle and steel shackle padlocks. They are also available in compact sizes or with long shackles to best accommodate your unique lockout situation. Keyedalike,Website:http://www.lockeyloto.com,keyeddifferent master keyed and grand master keyed options are available.MATERIAL:Long shackleSafety padlock made of lightweightZenexplastic, with a chromeplated steelshackle.DESCRIPTION: a)keyed safety padlockdesigned exclusively for Lockout/Tagout applications b) Durable, lightweight, non-conductivethermoplastic lock body. c) With write-on labels labels,Multilingual labels in English, French, and Spanish d) Key retaining-ensures that padlock is not left unlocked e) High security, reserved-for-safety cylinder,12pin cylinder lock, upto 100000pcs different locking mechanisms. f) Laser printing and logo engraving availableif required. g) Shackle Length: 76mm, other length:25mm, 38mm h) Stainless steel shackle can be custom made. I) Colors can be custom made.KEY CHARTING SYSTEM:Keyed Differentcombination?KD): Each padlock is keyed differently, equippedwith 2 keys per lock. 20000pcs individualdifferentpadlocks available.Keyed Alike Combination(KA): Each padlock is keyed the same., equippedwith 1 1key per lock. 1 key will open all padlocks in each group.Different Master Key Combination(MK): Each padlock is keyed differently, equipped with 2 keys per lock. A master key will override and open allpadlocks.Alike Master Key combination (KAMK): Each padlock is keyed the same in one group. A master key will override and open all groups of Alike keyed. Master keyed safety padlockGrand Master Key combinationGMK):Each padlock is keyed differentin one group. A master key will override and open all groups of keyed different.Specification: ? PART NO. DESCRIPTION Dimension (mm) 76mm steel shackle, nylon body A: B: C:P76SKA-REDkeyed alike, color red6 76 20P76SKD-REDKeyed differ, color red6 76 20P76SMK-REDMaster & differ, color red6 76 20P76SKAMK-REDKeyed alike & master key, color red6 76 20P76SGMK-REDGrand master keyed system, color red6 76 20All colors available, normal color: RED, YLW, BLU, GRN, ORJ, PRP, BLK, WHT, Gray, Other colors can be custom made.Dimension drawing: ?Dimension drawing1?Other style of body shape :PART NO. ?AP76SKA-RED,AP76SKD-RED,AP76SMK-RED,AP76SKAMK-RED, AP76SGMK-RED Dimension drawing: ?Dimension drawing2?Color options:
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