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Date: 2nd July 2016
38mm Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock
Part No.: P38P?38mm Plastic Short Shackle Safety Padlock De Electric Lockout Padlock Compact safety padlock has a one inch shackle and complies with all OSHA requirements,Website:http://www.lockeyloto.com, in addition to being a safer alternative to metal locks for certain lockout applications. The body is nonconductive and the unique key cylinder prevents electricity from traveling from the shackle to the key, protecting workers when the key is inserted.MATERIAL: Safety padlock made of lightweightZenexplastic, with a plastic shackle. DESCRIPTION: a)Dielectirc safety padlock shackle padlock are widely used in electrical, automobile industry, etc. b) Easily to be carried. c) With rewritablelabel, Multilingual labels in English, French, and Spanishd) Key Retaining Feature (When the shackle is open, the key can not be removed) e) High Security 12pin cylinder lock, upto 100000pcs different locking mechanisms. f) Laser printing and logo engraving availableif required. g)Insulativesafety padlockhave hardened reinforced Nylon Shackles which are completely non-conductive and best for their USE ON ELECTRICAL PANELS h) Shackle Length: 38mm I) Alldifferent colors available. KEY CHARTING SYSTEM:Keyed Differ System?KD): Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 2 keys per lock. 20000pcs individual padlocks available.Keyed Alike System(KA): Each padlock is keyed the same. 1 key will open all padlocks in each group.Differ & Master Key System(MK): Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 2 keys per lock. A master key will override and open any of these padlocks.Alike & Master Key System(KAMK): Each padlock is keyed the same in one group. A master key will override and open all groups of Alike keyed. Master keyed safety padlockGrand Master Key System(GMK):Each padlock is keyed differentin one group. A master key will override and open all groups of keyed different. Specification: ? PART NO. DESCRIPTION Dimension (mm) 38mm plastic shackle, nylon body A: B: C:P38PKA-REDkeyed alike, color red6 38 20P38PKD-REDKeyed differ, color red6 38 20P38PMK-REDMaster & differ, color red6 38 20P38PKAMK-REDKeyed alike & master key, color red6 38 20P38PGMK-REDGrand master key system, color red6 38 20All colors available, normal color: RED, YLW, BLU, GRN, ORJ, PRP, BLK, Dark BLU, WHT, Gray, Other colors can be custom made.Dimension drawing (mm): ?Dimension drawing 1? Color options:?Other style of body shape : PART NO. ?AP38PKA-RED,AP38PKD-RED,AP38PMK-RED,AP38PKAMK-REDDimension drawing(mm): ?Dimension drawing 2? Color options:
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